Simple and easy to use – Great Results

Review for The Hog / Back-Stretcher

When I watch my kids play and roll around I can see just how flexible they are and how much inflexible I have become in comparison. We are designed to move and flex constantly, but as I have a desk job my body is forced to spend huge amounts of time in an un-natural position. I keep the back stretcher in the sitting room, so it is easy to just lie on it for 5 minutes in the evening time while watching television, after that I usually hop onto the back baller and then do some stretches. when I first started using the back stretcher, it was challenging and uncomfortable, but after a couple of weeks of nightly use, I find that my lower back has loosened out quite a bit and using the stretcher is not nearly as uncomfortable as when I began using it. As you get older, it’s definitely a case of “use it or lose it” when it comes to your mobility, the back stretcher has given me back some mobility that I hadn’t realized I was losing.

Excellent Product

Review for The Hog / Back-Stretcher

Really pleased with this product it’s really efficient and does what it says it will.

Excellent product

Review for BackBaller

Hands down the best myofascial release product I have bought. 95% fixed my lower chronic back pain. BRILLIANT


Review for BackBaller

Great looking machine…but unfortunately I have a nerve pinch in my thigh so will wait to try it properly


Review for BackBaller

Excellent product the whole family (all adults now) use it on a daily basis in all its different positions, it does what its says on the tin!!

Rolling convert

Review for BackBaller Smooth

I am currently training for my first marathon and discovered a few niggles along with very tired legs as the weekly mileage started to increase. Several people recommended foam rolling which I’ve never really gotten into mainly because I find it so painful. Then my friend brought in this product for me to try. I have gone from a total rolling skeptic to a rolling convert. My main praise for this product is how it gives you so much control to increase the pressure you are applying. My legs are feeling much lighter since I’ve started this. Cannot recommend enough.

Invaluable Device!

Review for BackBaller

As someone who has been told by various physiotherapists over the space of 2 decades that I’m one of the physiologically tightest clients they have encountered the BackBaller has been hugely freeing. I’ve gone from living with constantly knotted back and leg muscles to someone who has a much wider range of movement. I’d recommend this to anyone as an addition/alternative to years of constant expensive physiotherapy appointments.