Left significant bruising.

Review for BackBaller

This is a well made product, very solid and stable. However, after very light initial use, approx 15 seconds, I was left with significant bruising down my back. I find it very painful to use.

A game changer

Review for BackBaller

An excellent product. Robust, lightweight, easy to use. Pre and post workout it’s my first place to go. I’m a big unit and it’s well able to take punishment and give it out in return.


Review for BackBaller 2-Pack

Wow great piece of equipment to aid in releasing tight muscles and joints.


Review for Ridged Roller

The ridges add another dimension to an already excellent product. I use the BackBaller not only as an exercise aid, but to limber up after a spell at the computer. It works!


Review for BackBaller

Bought this to help with a back problem. Normal foam roller was not really doing the job. I love how the backballer stays in place whilst in use and it seems to get in all the right places. Within a couple of days use my back had improved significantly, and I am now using it every day and after every workout.

Newer Backballer

Review for BackBaller

This is my second Backballer although I love the relief of a pain free back which this provides the newer one with the teeth does leave me a bit bruised.


Review for BackBaller

Full satisfaction with the product didn’t actually realise how knotted & tight my muscles where would 100% recommend to anyone for muscle relief or recovery purposes. Agree with a comment above would be great to have one of the two rollers with more ribs or groves, but in saying that still delighted with my purchase. Only thing I regret is I should have bought it sooner.

Great addition

Review for Ridged Roller

I bought a ridged roller to add to my back baller. Already it has proven a great addition either in conjunction with the original roller or on its own. Its gets especially deep into the hamstrings and IT bands. Very impressed


Review for BackBaller

I have suffered for years with tight leg muscles which has sometimes led to pain in my back. Currently I weight train 3 times a week to maintain a reasonable level of strength, I stretch before I train, I stretch again shortly after and then do the full Backballer routine which I feel really assists my flexibility thereby avoiding all muscle aches which are common in a weight training program. I Absolutely Recommend the Backballer for self massage.

Really good product

Review for Ridged Roller

This is a great product, I use it all the time it’s really useful for loosening tight leg muscles after karate.