Owning a BackBaller is like having a full time Physical Therapist. The best Foam Rolling device. Jenna Bromell International Athlete
What’s great about the BackBaller is the control & stability. Using your own body weight applies the forces needed to normalise the muscle tissue. Renowned Physical Therapist Gerard Hartmann collaborated in the development of the BackBaller.

The origins of this idea are back in my mid-twenties when chronic injury ended my running career. 15 years on, I’m struggling with severe lower back pain and at 39 years of age I’m told I need a back operation to deal with a rupture between my L5 and S1 vertebrae.

At the time I was managing our local U16 hurlers in Wolfetones, Shannon. I was looking at these young lads arriving in and rolling around the floor on foam rollers. I got one and Gerard Hartmann gave me a Foam Rolling program to release the tight muscles that cause lower back pain.

It was working, but every day I used it, I was rolling all over the floor and saying to myself –

“Wouldn’t it be so much better if the roller was mounted on a frame to stabilise it.”

I made a prototype and began using it, 4 weeks later I’m pain free. I regained my full range of motion. I was able to run again, this thing changed my life and I knew I’d a product that people would want.

Noel Marshall – MD/Inventor

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The Foam Roller for Muscles with Stability & Control

  • Excellent Exercise Roller

    “Excellent product. Delivered quickly. Price (on special offer) of a physio session. Flexibility and mobility benefits after use evident immediately.”

    - Eoghan Coyne on 2017-09-18
  • Best Foam Roller Yet

    “Wasn’t sure about the product – but incredibly simple and better than anything else I’ve used – the stability of the frame means you can slowly work all of the muscle areas – this is frankly ingenious – have already bought another one for a friend!”

    - Brian G on 2017-09-25
  • Awesome

    “Great adaptation to mount rollers on a platform! May not be for everyone, but awesome for those that are able to use it…which are most!”

    - Scott Roberts, PT on 2017-10-03
  • Instant Relief

    “I purchased this after a friend recommended it to me. I was having alot of upper back pain and shoulder issues. After first use I gained relief in my upper back for the first time.”

    - Tom on 2018-02-21
  • Just Perfect

    “I purchased the BackBaller after I recently saw it on RTE, Nationwide. As far I hadn’t found a roller suitable for my sensitive bones; and this one is just perfect. I could feel at once the positive effect on the whole back.”

    - Natacha on 2018-03-07
  • Great Exercise Roller

    “Suffering from lower back pain and tried this product, has made a great difference, highly recommend this product.”

    - Enda on 2018-04-10
  • Much stronger back

    “Only 2 weeks in, what a difference its made to my back overall service & product an excellent experience. 10/10 ”

    - John Cronin on 2018-05-01
  • Brilliant

    “Brilliant can’t believe how good it is would definitely recommend. Excellent Exercise Roller”

    - Emmet Stuart on 2018-07-12
  • Physical Therapists Dream

    “I recommend these to all my clients after using one myself. The difference in their muscles is palpable. There is a reason this is number 1 selling Myofascial release tool on the market. UNBEATABLE”

    - Patricia on 2019-08-01
  • Solution

    “After suffering with recurring facet joint syndrome for many years now, I can honestly say that after 4 weeks of use I have had no facet joint pain and my mobility has improved. It’s early days but the initial results are very positive.”

    - Dave on 2019-01-29
  • Excellent Product

    “Have been using the BackBaller for the last number of weeks and have found it great and really hits the spot where you need it. Excellent Exercise Roller”

    - Mike on 2019-02-19