Excellent for easing out tense muscles after tennis

Review for BackBaller Smooth

I came to the Back Baller a little bit of sceptic but after using it after playing 1:1 tennis over the last few weeks, I realise how great this simple product is – my calf muscles and my upper back muscles feel so much better and looser and I am ready to play again. The Back Baller is now part of my routine I just wish I had purchased one sooner!


Review for BackBaller

I have the back baller for 2 weeks now and so far I’m really impressed. What I like about it in particular is the sturdiness and quality. I would recommend this to anyone. Delivery was fast with good packaging. I’ve had a bad back for 20 years, there is no fast miracle here but my back is slowly feeling the benefits.

Initial thoughts after a few weeks

Review for BackBaller

I’ve had the “spiky” backballer now for about 3 weeks or so and I use it typically after working outside all day in the garden or after a long run. Initially it was a little sore but nothing more than a regular knobbily roller. But I do find it a lot easier to use and it’s certainly good on my back. My lower back is more weak point at the minute and I’m working hard to fire the glutes and activate the core to fix that but having the backballer allows me to target the area and gently massage it. So far so good! 4 stars as I only have it a few weeks.

Great Product

Review for BackBaller

I herniated a disc in my spine a few years back which impacts on my sciatic nerve. Needless to say in a lot of pain each day and mobility bad. Surgery not a option due to other health issues. However, since purchasing Backballer i have notice. a big difference in my mobility. I have puchased much more expensive device which have had no effect on this condition. Well done Noel and Backballer team on such a excellent product.

Happy Dog Groomer!

Review for MuscleBaller

I’ve been a dog groomer for 16 years. I have always had to go for physio/massage/acupuncture etc as my job is very physically demanding. In the past year I have been suffering with really bad hip/glute and leg pain. After two injections that only worked temporarily ive started to realise that my main issue Is the need to stretch and work out my muscles. I finally found a great therapist just before the Covid lockdown who told me my biggest issue was my sciatic nerve. The lockdown then became a problem as I needed to find something to work through the pain. I read the reviews here and spoke to Noel who explained how the backballer would help me. I can not recommend it highly enough. This time last year I was so bad with pain I had to close my business for a few months. I went back to work still in pain. Now during a time when I have no access to any physical therapist I have found the best tool ever. I wouldn’t be without it! For anyone having a really tough time with pain I understand it wears you down and I know the upset and worry attached to that. This works but you have to use it consistently and work through the muscles. The thing I like the most about it is – you can work at your own speed. When you are with a therapist you have to get on with it during a session with them and allow the therapist to get at the muscles. I found if I was in a lot of pain they would have to stop. The back baller allows you to work at your own tolerance and speed. Sometimes I use it. Get up, go for a walk , do housework and then I get on it again. This allows you to work the muscles out and build it up. Noel . Congratulations on a really well made, Irish product. I’m off painkillers.. I still get pain but I feel so assured that I have this which has improved my quality of life immensely. Thank you!

Amazing bit of kit

Review for BackBaller

I have a bludged disc L4/L5 that traps a nerve and makes my ankle/foot numb.

I used this for 3 days and the numbness has stopped! , I’d tried a standard trigger point roller before, and it sort of helped, but was annoying to use, and harder to “get in the right spot” this was worth every penny!


Review for BackBaller 2-Pack

I was suffering very severe pain during walking exercise in my calf muscles to the point that I would have to stop or slowdown. I nearly gave up training all together until my son suggested I try a foam roller. He had a back baller so I decided to purchase one and boy has it transformed my walking life. I use it on my affected muscles before walking my 10km route and I am able to run parts of it without pain. I was sceptical about foam rollers at first, will recommend this one forever, thank you.

Triple Up your rolling capacity

Review for Recovery Bundle

An amazing bundle of products. For someone with long legs like myself, it’s so good when setting up the BackBaller and MuscleBaller right next to each other and then have all three working into the leg. Surfing along that wave of sensation on the border of pleasure/pain threshold. Also amazing for tight shoulders. The mat comes in handy to stop product from slipping on wooden floor and the wife particularly likes the hog. Oh and did I mention amazing customer service with Irish charm! JUST BUY THIS BUNDLE!

My back pain is gone

Review for BackBaller

I am a fit 81 year old and have been doing yoga and now Pilates for 45 years. I’ve had 2 accidents where I ended up with whiplash. Since then I have had to find a good osteopath and yoga or Pilates have been of paramount importance.
As I’ve grown older sitting and particularly sitting up in bed has become difficult. Enter the BackBaller. It’s like magic! After little over a week my back pain is gone and I can get up in a morning and I feel great!
I still find the surface very hard but I’ve covered it with a blanket. I guess my back is a bit bony. Anyway, I wanted you to know how pleased I am.
A big thank you.


Review for BackBaller

not finding much better than my decathlon €20 roller
unit could be a bit wider but my problem only really helped by deep tissue massage monthly and daily use of roller thought backballer would save monthly visit