Solution to facet joint syndrome

Review for Back Stretcher

After suffering with recurring facet joint syndrome for many years now, I can honestly say that after 4 weeks of use I have had no facet joint pain and my mobility has improved. It’s early days but the initial results are very positive.


Review for BackBaller

Im a 49 year old male and My story is one of back pain after lying in bed for 5 to 6 hrs. I would wake in pain about 5am every morn and have to get up. I changed mattresses, beds etc, but no improvement. I spent at least half my nights of the week on the sofa. Finally read about backballer and got one. After first use, I woke up with about 50% less pain. Within 4 days use, had almost eliminated all my back pain. I’m now using it a week and I’m sleeping 8 hrs a night and bouncing out of bed in morning almost pain free. My snoring has also stopped!!! (It must be related) This was simply the best investment I ever made. Everyone with any sort of back pain should buy this. I feel 20 years younger. Super product.

Great Design

Review for BackBaller

Have used it now for over 2 weeks and reason for purchase was problematic glute/pirformis, can say its already had a major impact, also like using it for upper back as i’m stationed at a desk all day using a computer so upper back is sometimes tight and the backballer with the teeth is very effective in helping loosen this…


Review for Back Stretcher

Great product. Its unassuming at first but ease into it gently and it really does help loosen your back. I cant remember ever having this mobility in my lower back before.


Review for Ridged Roller

Love my back baller. Originally bought the pink smooth rollers and then decided to by the green ones with the ridges. They are great for really digging into the muscles and loosening you up. I have a sore back and use this every single day as part of my rehab. It’s incredibly well built and feels like a premium product – not like cheap plastic or anything. This thing is built to last. It’s small enough that it’s portable and easily tidied away in your house Shipping was fast. Can’t complain or pick any faults. Thanks guys

Physical therapists dream

Review for BackBaller

I recommend these to all my clients after using one myself. The difference in their muscles is palpable. There is a reason this is number 1 selling Myofascial release tool on the market. UNBEATABLE

Simple and easy to use – Great Results

Review for Back Stretcher

When I watch my kids play and roll around I can see just how flexible they are and how much inflexible I have become in comparison. We are designed to move and flex constantly, but as I have a desk job my body is forced to spend huge amounts of time in an un-natural position. I keep the back stretcher in the sitting room, so it is easy to just lie on it for 5 minutes in the evening time while watching television, after that I usually hop onto the back baller and then do some stretches. when I first started using the back stretcher, it was challenging and uncomfortable, but after a couple of weeks of nightly use, I find that my lower back has loosened out quite a bit and using the stretcher is not nearly as uncomfortable as when I began using it. As you get older, it’s definitely a case of “use it or lose it” when it comes to your mobility, the back stretcher has given me back some mobility that I hadn’t realized I was losing.