Awesome piece of kit

Review for BigBackBaller

Sturdy as can be, built like a tank. The extra width of this unit really does help get your whole back in one go. Definitely recommend.

Injury free

Review for BackBaller

I recently increased the amount of running I do and started to get niggles as a result. I purchased the back baller three weeks ago and have been using every day since for about 20 mins. I m now injury free and much loser. It was tough the first few times but well worth persevering.

Absolutely love it!!

Review for BackBaller

I’ve had considerable issues with my back for a long time and visit a chiropractor and physiotherapist regularly. I very regularly exercise and wasn’t getting much out of my regular foam roller. Due to the CoVid19 restrictions I couldn’t attend my physio. I ordered the BackBaller and haven’t looked back. I have been using it for 2 weeks and the relief I have already had is phenomenal. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The YouTube tutorials are great too.

Just what I needed for my sore body

Review for BackBaller

I’ve always found foam rollers to be difficult to use as they never stay still. I also never knew whether I was doing it right and whether it was benefiting me. The Back Baller is incredibly easy to use and having the online videos means I know that I am performing the moves correctly. After only a week I’m already feeling the benefits of a very well made product. Definitely worth the cost!

A quality unit that was worth every penny

Review for BackBaller

I’ve used a foam roller for years but I have all the co-ordination of a giraffe on roller-skates so always found it a bit of a chore. I ordered the BackBaller because the idea of an anchored set of rollers seemed logical to me. It just so happened I have got to the age where a little arthritis in my cervical spine was starting to need more attention. 3 weeks ago I developed a pinched nerve in my neck which has caused massive pain in my right shoulder and arm. Pain killers won’t touch it (as it’s neuropathic pain) so part of the management is stretching and the BackBaller is doing a superb job of stretching out the shoulder and the arm. I’m so impressed with the results for my neck and lower back that I’ve just ordered the soft set and I’ve built rolling into a daily routine – this is a top product. The units are great quality and now the whole family are using it. Well done!

Sooooooooooooooo Good

Review for BackBaller

This is head and shoulders the best rolling device I’ve ever used, it was vicious at fist but now I can do the program everyday and its fixing my broken body piece by piece, I’m so pleased with it.

The complete package

Review for Recovery Bundle

Now no matter what stresses the body takes during a decent work out the recovery bundle gets you ready in no time to go again and again.

Nice complement to BackBaller

Review for The Hog / Back-Stretcher

Have been using the Back Stretcher after stretching/rolling sessions with the Back Baller–provides a really positive, added dimension to the exercise. Makes me feel a bit taller after, which is a bonus! I agree with others that it would be good to have some instructions/expert advice along with the product. I am sure my technique could use some optimisation!

Good stuff

Review for The Hog / Back-Stretcher

Plain and simple but very reasonably priced. As others, it would be nice to have some instruction but similar to a shovel…you know what to do with it. Nice, immediate relief after use.