Excellent Product

Review for BackBaller

Excellent product. Top quality materials used. Recommend it for all not just sports people. Delivery time couldnt be better.

Great personal service!

Review for BackBaller

Ordered the ‘Hog’ online and the next day I got a phone call from an ACTUAL PERSON to say that unfortunately they could not fulfil the order for a few weeks. He was extremely apologetic and asked if I wanted to cancel. I wasn’t in a rush for it and wanted to keep my money with a company with such service, so happily agreed to wait. It eventually arrived exactly when I was told it would. The product is excellent, just as described. I highly recommend this company for quality of service and product. Many Thanks Backballer, so lovely to deal with a real person in this digital age!


Review for BackBaller

I bought this, but had my doubts whether this would be any better than a foam roller.
Well it is!
After a few sessions it has eased my back and neck tension, improved my flexibility and has now improved my sleep. My brother tried it and now he has one as well! Fantastic.

Delighted with the set

Review for Recovery Bundle

I can’t recommend enough the impact getting these into gyms across Ireland would have on your business. I’ve used the back baller as a one off previously and wouldn’t have been able to justify €60 to buy one. It was only after daily use through using the BackBaller in Gym Newbridge I bought the set for €100. The best type of marketing being able to use this at my own leisure in the gym on a free trial.

Thanks, and all the best in the future!

Roller not wide enough

Review for BackBaller

I found the standard BackBaller too narrow, it cannot be used for both legs or both shoulders at a time. Should have probably gone for the big one, but was more/too expensive and less reviewed at the time of my purchase. Other than that the product is great.

Customer Service

Review for MuscleBaller

So this morning at 8:54am I ordered foam roller. At 9:08 I received an email that it has been shipped! If the product is half as good as the customer service we’re on to a winner!

Excellent product and service

Review for Baller Combo

I got this for my dad and he really likes it, has improved his agility already. I was really impressed with the service it came super fast and they were really friendly and helpful.

Love it

Review for BackBaller

I have had lots of issues with Tendonitis in my ankle and have been unable to release tension in my tibial is anterior which has often meant having to visit osteopaths until I started to use the back baller this has helped with my ankle and lower leg pain which also transmitted into my back. Great purchase.

Does what it says on the tin

Review for BackBaller

What an absolutely fantastic product.After many years of back pain and many hundreds of pounds on an osteopath and chiropractor this product delivers.Where as before I would be making an appointment to get relief from my back pain and having to travel. I can now use my back baller to resolve my pain especially during lockdown when I cannot get an appointment. My thought was if I only use it twice and it works then it has saved me money already compared to having to visit the clinic.I use it everyday and it has certainly got me through lockdown and at the same time helping the mobility in my back.Thank you, Thank you.