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Review for MuscleBaller

I’ve been a dog groomer for 16 years. I have always had to go for physio/massage/acupuncture etc as my job is very physically demanding. In the past year I have been suffering with really bad hip/glute and leg pain. After two injections that only worked temporarily ive started to realise that my main issue Is the need to stretch and work out my muscles. I finally found a great therapist just before the Covid lockdown who told me my biggest issue was my sciatic nerve. The lockdown then became a problem as I needed to find something to work through the pain. I read the reviews here and spoke to Noel who explained how the backballer would help me. I can not recommend it highly enough. This time last year I was so bad with pain I had to close my business for a few months. I went back to work still in pain. Now during a time when I have no access to any physical therapist I have found the best tool ever. I wouldn’t be without it! For anyone having a really tough time with pain I understand it wears you down and I know the upset and worry attached to that. This works but you have to use it consistently and work through the muscles. The thing I like the most about it is – you can work at your own speed. When you are with a therapist you have to get on with it during a session with them and allow the therapist to get at the muscles. I found if I was in a lot of pain they would have to stop. The back baller allows you to work at your own tolerance and speed. Sometimes I use it. Get up, go for a walk , do housework and then I get on it again. This allows you to work the muscles out and build it up. Noel . Congratulations on a really well made, Irish product. I’m off painkillers.. I still get pain but I feel so assured that I have this which has improved my quality of life immensely. Thank you!

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