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Review for Back Stretcher

When I watch my kids play and roll around I can see just how flexible they are and how much inflexible I have become in comparison. We are designed to move and flex constantly, but as I have a desk job my body is forced to spend huge amounts of time in an un-natural position. I keep the back stretcher in the sitting room, so it is easy to just lie on it for 5 minutes in the evening time while watching television, after that I usually hop onto the back baller and then do some stretches. when I first started using the back stretcher, it was challenging and uncomfortable, but after a couple of weeks of nightly use, I find that my lower back has loosened out quite a bit and using the stretcher is not nearly as uncomfortable as when I began using it. As you get older, it’s definitely a case of “use it or lose it” when it comes to your mobility, the back stretcher has given me back some mobility that I hadn’t realized I was losing.

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