I love the BackBaller

Review for BackBaller

Firstly I have to say that after a few weeks I love the Back Baller. My back feels and works better than it has in years. The first week it hurt so much I thought I had made a huge mistake, which I think I had by using it too often to start with.
My personal experience is that it will hurt at first and you should probably only use it alternate days until your muscles start to relax a little. I also suggest that when you get to a place that hurts just hold still for a bit rather than roll it out.
My only criticism is that I would have liked some more detailed instructions although on Youtube I did find a video of the inventor that was useful. I wonder how many give up because they use it too often at the outset.
Now I wouldn’t be with out it though, I have a rotator cuff issue that is posture related and it has improved things a great deal in a few weeks.