Back on Track

Review for BackBaller

I’ve been suffering for over 18 months with a variety of symptoms including Vertigo, tinnitus, double and jumping vision along with pain in my head, neck and upper back. My twice daily physiotherapy regime is the only thing getting me through this while examinations and tests are going on. I walked into my Physio’s clinic a few months ago “I’ve a new piece of equipment, would you take it home use it and tell me what you think?” I was already using a foam back roller but this Back Baller thing was something different it crippled me to start with it got to places the single roller wasn’t touching and the first 2 minute session felt like half an hour of agony, but I persevered it took 2 weeks before I could get any free rolling distance, each time I used it it still hurt but it was getting easier and I could feel a difference in my posture and shoulder tension but I was also getting some easing of my other symptoms. my months free use of it was coming to an end so I ordered one that afternoon and it arrived the following morning. My wife opened the door to an enquiring postman examining the box wondering if he purchase one himself to relieve his exhausted back. So I’d like to thank my physiotherapist and Back Baller for making my life more manageable, its the most crucial part of my routine and after 2 months I’m up to a 8 minute full back session, I can genuinely say I would be lost with out this piece of equipment in fact I now enjoy and look forward to using it every time, so with the Back Baller and a pair of prismatic spectacles I feel my life starting to get back on track . Thanks you’ve changed my life for the better.