Excellent product

Review for BackBaller

I purchased the BackBaller after reading some very convincing reviews online. Firstly I was very impressed by the prompt delivery. I am currently returning to sport after knee surgery, up to this point I have mainly been working on a leg-strengthening leg program. I have now used the BackBaller consistently for two weeks, and am very impressed with the overall degree of pressure that I am able to apply when rolling, and also the ability to reach areas that I would not be able to with a traditional foam roller such as in the muscles just above the knee-cap. I am also able to properly roll my hamstrings and glutes, which I was never able to achieve previously with a traditional foam-roller. In the last week alone I have taken part in a fitness bootcamp, I have played 2 tag rugby games and a tag rugby blitz and completed a 5km run. I have diligently used the BackBaller every day over the course of the week and I believe it has been crucial in minimising the majority of muscle ache, which is incredible as this is the most combined activity I have taken part in for over a year and a half following my knee surgery.

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