A quality unit that was worth every penny

Review for BackBaller

I’ve used a foam roller for years but I have all the co-ordination of a giraffe on roller-skates so always found it a bit of a chore. I ordered the BackBaller because the idea of an anchored set of rollers seemed logical to me. It just so happened I have got to the age where a little arthritis in my cervical spine was starting to need more attention. 3 weeks ago I developed a pinched nerve in my neck which has caused massive pain in my right shoulder and arm. Pain killers won’t touch it (as it’s neuropathic pain) so part of the management is stretching and the BackBaller is doing a superb job of stretching out the shoulder and the arm. I’m so impressed with the results for my neck and lower back that I’ve just ordered the soft set and I’ve built rolling into a daily routine – this is a top product. The units are great quality and now the whole family are using it. Well done!

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