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Back Stretcher – Stretch after you Roll

Back Stretcher suitably complements BackBaller, stretch out those muscles and joints after you’ve rolled them.

Effective against chronic back pain by using twice a day for only 5 minutes.

Size 32 x 29 x 9.5 cm

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Back Stretcher AKA The Hedgehog

Why Choose the Back Stretcher?

Spinal decompression lumbar/dorsal exercise: Simply lie on the Back Stretcher (with your lumbar or dorsal region over the stretcher) for 5 minutes, once to twice a day to stretch out your back and chest. It helps relieve back tension accumulated over the day and restore flexibility in your back. It can also reverse poor posture. Regular stretching is the best prevention against chronic back pain by restoring the natural curve and flexibility of your back.
Smart design: A convenient device that helps realign the spinal column. The 168 + mini contours give you a muscular massage and apply an even pressure (acupressure) to loosen up knots and tense areas. It can help the joints of your spinal column relax, reduce muscle tension and can help free up compressed nerves and discs.
A heavy duty construction: The EVA padded interior provides a solid foundation for any user. Its curved design moulds to the shape of the back, respecting its curvature. Firm yet flexible contours, ideal for muscle recovery and rehabilitation. (Start off gradually when first using it).
A compact and lightweight size:  Portable and ergonomic, made from durable material. Ideal for travel and moving about.

Building core strength to reduce back pain.

When doing sit-ups place the Back Stretcher under the lumbar spine and your bum creates this beautiful environment for the abdominals to move through their full and available range of motion. It allows for the extension needed in the lumbar spine and the anterior tilt in the pelvis, thereby giving the abdominal muscles what they yearn for – full range, elongation, and forceful contraction.

The Back Stretcher is a multi-functional piece of equipment which not only targets abdominal muscle groups for core strength but also works on the obliques and lower back whilst providing effective deep tissue trigger point massage at the same time. Regular use has been shown to result in improved core strength, an increased range of motion and flexibility, better posture and a reduction in muscular aches, pain and discomfort.


  • Multi-functional stretcher for core abdominal workouts, crunches, spinal and general stretching exercises.
  • Contoured textured centre cradles the back for optimum comfort during use.
  • Pyramid shaped nodules for deep tissue, trigger point massage. Medium/firm.
  • Helps increase movement and flexibility, improve posture, reduce back pain. Simple and easy to use.

Colour: Green & Black
Dimensions: 29cm x 32cm x 9.5cm
Material: EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Packed Weight: 640gms

This device cannot be a substitute for the advice of a health professional.


Nice complement to BackBaller

Have been using the Back Stretcher after stretching/rolling sessions with the Back Baller–provides a really positive, added dimension to the exercise. Makes me feel a bit taller after, which is a bonus! I agree with oth

Good stuff

Plain and simple but very reasonably priced. As others, it would be nice to have some instruction but similar to a shovel…you know what to do with it. Nice, immediate relief after use.


I ordered 20 units for our studio in Cheshire after speaking to Noel. Agreed a trade discount as per the website, and delivered in just 2 working days. The backstretches’ are a quality product, already on use and clients

Back Stretcher works

Purchased 2 Back Stretchers in January, 4 of us using them. Expected a basic how to use the product sheet but none came with it. I believe that no exercise product should be sold without a step through on how best to use

Not sure

Hi I recently purchased the Back Stretcher and didn’t buy instructions for use because I though I could figure it out. Would love if it had come with basic exercises to do. Should have bought the exercise sheet

Solution to facet joint syndrome

After suffering with recurring facet joint syndrome for many years now, I can honestly say that after 4 weeks of use I have had no facet joint pain and my mobility has improved. It’s early days but the initial results ar


Great product. Its unassuming at first but ease into it gently and it really does help loosen your back. I cant remember ever having this mobility in my lower back before.

Simple and easy to use - Great Results

When I watch my kids play and roll around I can see just how flexible they are and how much inflexible I have become in comparison. We are designed to move and flex constantly, but as I have a desk job my body is forced

Excellent Product

Really pleased with this product it’s really efficient and does what it says it will.

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